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During mid 90's, a group of Vietnamese women and men met regularly to discuss issues related to our lives of Vietnamese community, but in particular the lives of women in South Australia, and what this meant in the context of multiculturalism and their identity.


The group believed that an organisation advocating for Vietnamese women in South Australia was needed; hence the Vietnamese Women's Assoication was born. The Vietnamese Women's Assoication SA was formally registered in August 1997. It was officially launched in March 1998, at the 1st Commemoration of the Trung Sisters event held in South Australia; at the old office of the Vietnamese Community SA Chapter in Australia.


Ever since, the Vietnamese Women's Assoiciation SA has celebrated the commemoratio of the Trung Sisters in conjunctio with the International Women's Day celebration. Co-incidentally the two events happen around the sixth day of the second month of the Vietnamese Lunar calendar.

The needs fro services in our community have ontinued to grow and so does the Association.


The first on-going funding was received to provide family and comunity development program in 1999. In January 2010, the Association began to receive funding to support older Vietnamese members in the northern suburbs. However, this service has been approached by consumers from all areas of Adelaide.


At the beginning of providing funded services, the Assoication based at various community and government offices. It was based at Salvation Army(Ingle Farm), Anglicare SA (Salisbury) The Salisbury West Community Health Centre was the last location where the Association leased a small office space before moving to its first commerical leasing premises in April 2010. Its independent office was based at Suite 3/ 2-4 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes, South Australia.


In November 2010, the Association moved to 8B Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes.


In our culture, a Vietnamese woman is being depicted as a flower. The Association's commitment is to support each flower to blossom so its fragrance will benefit the society and make a better place for all. 


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