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        adheres to privacy law and protects the privacy of all of those who involved in our work. This include our consumers, potential employees, employees, volunteers and students on placement.

        recognises that safe work environment is not just a legal responsibility; but also a moral and social responsibility.

We commit safety training through induction to all of our staff. Our staff and volunteers participate in health and safety refreshment training regularly during the course of their employment / engagement with us.

        values your feedback whether it is a compliment and or complaint.  We treat your complaint as open for learning opportunities and helping in further improving our services.  We take your complaint seriously. We guarantee that no repercussion occurs for making a complaint.  We are committed to handle your complaint in a timely and responsive manner.

If you wish to receive a copy of the mentioned policies, please check download links below or click here to contact us.

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

Consumer Complaint Policy

Access &

Equity Policy



Customer Rights & Responsibility

Advocacy Procedures

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