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VIWA is dedicated to upholding privacy laws and safeguarding the privacy of everyone involved in our work. This includes consumers, prospective employees, current employees, volunteers, and students on placement.


We understand that creating a safe work environment is not solely a legal obligation, but also a moral and social responsibility.


To ensure the safety of all, we provide comprehensive safety training during staff inductions. Our staff and volunteers regularly participate in health and safety refresher training throughout their tenure with us.

At VIWA, we highly value your feedback, be it a compliment or a complaint. We view complaints as opportunities for growth and improvement in our services. Rest assured, we take your complaints seriously, and making one will not result in any adverse consequences. We are committed to addressing your complaints promptly and responsively.


If you would like to access copies of our policies, you can find download links below, or you can reach out to us by clicking here.

Access & Equity Policy

Consumer Rights Policy

Advocacy Policy

Feedback & Complaints Management Policy

Client Decision Making Policy

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

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