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Join Our Team

        values all of our staff and volunteer. We are committed to provide a challenging, rewarding and flexible working environment. We’re an equal opportunity employer and do all we can to help our staff reach their maximum potential.

        commits to personal grow. We provide in-house training and professional development opportunities.

        welcomes student placement. Placements are available in the fields of social work, community development, disability support, aged care, child care and more.  Through in a structured placement program, we provide a flexible, challenging, and interesting learning opportunities for student placements.

        values time and commitment of its volunteers. Our volunteers are a group of passionate and hardworking people. They donate their time, energy, and expertise to help us in delivering our programs. Their contribution is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

       ’s volunteers involve in the running of English conversation class, Computer/Smart phone class, transporting clients, preparing foods for the weekly senior group, assist our senior members in participating social activities.

        treats our volunteers with respect and provides out-of-pocket costs reimbursement.

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